About Us

Hello!  Welcome to Cloak & Dagger!



Who are we?


Cloak & Dagger is a fitness and lifestyle apparel brand from Montreal, Canada.  The company was founded in early 2018 by two friends who met at McGill University.



What are we about?


Cloak & Dagger was born out of the desire to wear low-profile, carefully crafted and fitted athletic wear that will see you through your daily life, and to wherever your training takes you.

It is our priority to minimize our environmental impact.  For this reason, we employ the most eco-friendly production processes available across our entire supply chain.  From material sourcing, to production and distribution, we are committing to local and green operations.

Furthermore, 15% of all our annual profits are donated to environmental protection initiatives, namely the Canadian Wildlife Federation.





In a fitness apparel industry dominated by multinational corporations and outsourced production, we are bringing the industry back to North America.  

At Cloak & Dagger, we believe we can provide a product of superior quality, made locally in North America, at a more competitive price, delivered through a more consumer friendly purchase experience.

Production processes in remote countries more often than not entail irresponsible labor practices, as well as significant environmental concerns. Our team aims to counteract this by promoting localized and environmentally-friendly production.


Our promise to you!


We have pledged ourselves to the highest standards of ethical manufacturing, and quality control.  We source our components as locally as possible, and we deliver 100% made right here in North America clothing at a price point below many foreign made brands.

Here at Cloak & Dagger, we only make clothes that we want to wear ourselves, and fulfill our highest standards.

Thanks so much for your support.  We look forward to growing with you all :)


Robin Dallmayr                             Max Wolfe

Co-Founder                                  Co-Founder